Premiere • Amare Symoné: GlassWindows EP

It's not often when an artist can truly captivate and suck you into their world with the force that Amare Symoné has with her debut EP, GlassWindows. Amare Symoné is a Chicago transplant that is California-born, Brooklyn-bred, and possesses a playful, yet powerful voice.  

After releasing her single, "Break-of-Mind" six months ago and "Loose" just last month, the 18-year-old has begun to make her mark in Chicago leading up to today's debut. Working solely with producer Nversive, Amare's GlassWindows offers something consistent and uniform in both content and sound. One song flows into the next, but still maintains its own distinct attributes.

Amare has decided to get personal on her first EP, discussing topics many may shy away from, and she offers even more of her perspective below in a short Q&A we had the pleasure of conducting with her. Listen to the project above and learn more about it below.

TheseDays • The release of GlassWindows is your debut since you've been in Chicago right? What do you want new listeners to take away from this project?

Amare • Yeah, GlassWindows EP is kind of like my debut in Chicago because it is my first project, although not my first ever released material to the Chicago music scene. I want listeners, especially kids of color to know that there is strength in their vulnerability and tears, and that showing emotion does not necessarily mean you are weak. I understand growing up in certain environments, as a Brooklyn kid, that if you show emotion, you will get tried, played, and shit might pop off. But, despite the world often being so cold, and gritty, we are humans with feelings, and no matter how much they try to make us forget our humanity, we will find joy, live, love, create all things beautiful, and build our community higher no matter how much shit they use to try to deconstruct it.

TheseDays • What's your experience been like breaking into the creative community here? Any more or less difficult than New York?
Amare • I am not going to lie, Chicago is a gritty city just like my home, New York City. However, even though Chicagoans have more hospitality than New Yorkers, they do not play when it comes to the people they allow into their circles. Chicago’s music scene is so eclectic, and varies across the board. There is no “one sound” of Chicago, and I love that because it gave me space to grow and discover myself as an artist. It isn’t as hard as migrating into New York’s music scene because there is a specific sound that they support the most, that usually gets the most recognition. Also, because a lot of people in New York, aren’t even from there, people are constantly coming into my city without respect for our culture, our homes, and the people who made it. They are constantly fucking shit up and trying to claim it as their home. It is mad annoying and frustrating; no one would ever try that in Chicago. But Chicago is also in the middle of the country, and New York is on the coast, so that’s how it be. It isn’t necessarily easier to break into the Chicago music scene but, it isn’t as hard as breaking into New York’s music scene because Chicago makes space for all its artists with their many different sounds. I noticed that even if you are not a Chicagoan, if you are talented, they will support you, i.e: Eryn Allen Kane, Smino, etc. I believe it is all about confidence, and mostly talent in Chicago.
TheseDays • You clearly have a good relationship with Nversive. What was it like working with a single producer for an entire project?
Amare • It was pretty cool, and it’s rare that you could collaborate with another artist that challenges you, and is able to capture the different sounds you crave to express who you are. Usually people only find a few tracks from a hand full of producers that they feel that fit their sound, but it was dope being able to challenge each other. It was also pretty helpful to only work with one producer for my first project because I got to focus on my growth without so many people being involved, and since I am a rookie, it made it easier to grow into my sound.

TheseDays • Can we expect some music videos and live performances to support this release? 
Amare • Hell yeah, I already have ideas lined up for both, my music videos, and live performances. I am constantly working because I want to be the best me, and best to do it thus far. My listeners can find out about upcoming live performances, and soon-to-be released music videos through my social media outlets: Twitter/Instagram: @AmareSymone, Facebook/Youtube/Soundcloud: Amare Symone, AND my website at Thanks for the love, and support, These Days.