Lil Bibby • "Never Go Against The Family"

Directed by Unknown

Yesterday, Bibby dropped another preview to his forthcoming album, the highly anticipated "FC3: The Epilogue". The Southside and Metro Boomin' produced monster barely had time to register on many radars, but Lil Bibby is back with the quick "one two punch", dropping the theatrical visuals that accompany "Never Go Against The Family". Bibby levels up in this new video. From hand to hands on the block, to full fledged organized crime, Bibby has come a long way since stepping into the game, but his fans have been waiting on this "Free Crack 3" follow up for far too long. 

With a release date of August 26th, this might be the last sneak peak at "FC3: The Epilogue" that we'll get, but rappers aren't all that predictable so who knows. What I do know is that Lil Bibby is on a hot streak as of late and if this new album is half as good as his last few releases, we're in store for something special. Enough with the speculation, lets just watch Lil Bibby deal with a couple of snitches in "Never Go Against The Family".