Premiere • Musa Reems: Another Dos(e)

Until recently, we've only heard the west side's Musa Reems alongside his cohorts Kairo Jones and LUMO as the Children of I.L.L.I.O.S. The trio has released several notable projects since their inception and they have plans for plenty more, but before we get more new music from the Children turned young adults, Musa has decided to step out on his own for a couple tracks... and then some. 

His first solo EP Another Dos(e) may only be two songs, but there's a reason for that and Musa himself goes into detail about it below. If you like the lyrically powered content here, you'll definitely be interested to know that Musa also has plans to release a full length project called Where The Sun Never Rises before the year is up. No need to force feed you a bunch on new music all at once, get to know Musa at a comfortable pace with Another Dos(e), but be on the lookout for more new music, videos and other content in the near future. 

Scroll below for a more in-depth discussion with Musa about the new EP, his creative process, and plans for the future. 

Today you're releasing "Another Dos(e)", a 2 track solo EP. Why only 2 tracks? 
I chose to release two tracks for many reasons. First, I wanted to give listeners a brief, but potent, look into the new sound of my solo work and showcase my maturity over the past year as it relates to my craft and skillset in making music. Also, choosing two songs played into the concept and title of my project. Two is dos in Spanish, which is why I decided to make a two track EP. Using the word “dos” also played into the double entendre for the title, "Dos(e)".  A dose is usually related to medicine and music is my medicine. It heals me. It's another form of dosage for me and my listeners to feel better. The first track "Eclipse", details love, friendships, introspective thoughts and how music helps me through it all. While the second song, "Colt 45", uses the word “dose” as a metaphor in explaining how people use recreational drugs in hopes of feeling better and reaching higher levels of energy and spirituality. 
We're used to seeing you as part of Children of I.L.L.I.O.S., is this your first time going solo?
Yes, this is my first official solo effort, but on Children of I.L.L.I.O.S projects, I also had solo songs. These solo tracks on Children of I.L.L.I.O.S projects were released on the three bodies of work, Awaiting Arrival EP, Journey Through The Blakk Sun, and BETA GENES!S EP.  The first official single of my solo career is "Not With Gang", and it was released in April 2016. 
Is your creative process different when working on your solo work?
Yes, my creative process is very different. In a group, I focus more on complimenting Kairo and our producer, LUMO. We usually write together and break down songs piece by piece. We focus more on cohesive sounds. We formed a sound with the music we created as a trio, so it was really fun to create my own.  I am honed and locked in on trying to make tracks that don't sound like Children of I.L.L.I.O.S. I want to be able to showcase my versatility and be able to make records that display my rap ability, translate well live, and showcase my sharp artistic expression.  I have found that my pace is a little quicker too. I may lay down a hook and come back to record verses, but the majority of the time I usually knock out a song completely before working on a new one. I constantly change up my creative process to help keep myself on my toes. I may write a chorus and then verses on a song, then freestyle the next one.  When I work by myself, I focus on things like vivid lyricism, writing hooks, using my voice as an instrument, inflection, delivery, and concepts. I am always searching for ways to challenge myself and creating solo material pushes me to learn more about who I am.  I concentrate on working and starting from the root of my craft and building my way up. I try to watch and participate in things outside of music to get my mind moving. For example, I love short films / documentaries, skating, and relaxing with family.  While in the studio, I also prefer to be alone so that I can concentrate on my art. Singer/Songwriter, Amare Symoné, and Jabari Rayford from Soundscape Studios have provided advice on things that I wouldn’t normally think about.  It's been an intriguing and enjoyable journey so far.
What can we expect from Musa Reems for the rest of the year? 
You can expect a lot of music and visuals. I have a few tricks up my sleeve but I don't want to give those away just yet. In the meantime, I'm working on my first full length solo project, Where The Sun Never Rises. I'm very excited to show you all what's next, so be on the lookout!

Where can new listeners learn more about you?

Listeners can learn more about me on my website :, and on Soundcloud. My twitter and Instagram is @musareems and you can like me on Facebook at Musa Reems. Thank you for your time and I appreciate the support!