Towkio • Community Service 2

This past 4th of July marked the four-year anniversary of the original Community Service. This EP was a local sensation that paired Towkio (then known as Preston San) with producer Mojek for a daring and off-the-wall seven-track project. It not only introduced the two artists to a wider audience but also cemented the SaveMoney crew as a force to be reckoned with. Towkio is now back with the sequel, sans Mojek, but once again building on the unconventional sound that propelled him into the national scope last year with .WAV Theory.

Encouraged by his day-one fans Towkio teamed-up with Garren, Smoko Ono, Mr. Carmak, Knox Fortune and Peter Cottontale to deliver on the anticipation behind this symbolic EP. Many fans had yearned for this sequel and we got everything we could possibly wish for and then some more, including two stellar features from Vic Mensa and Joey Purp. After a couple of listens, it’s safe to say that the Chicago native made sure to level-up every aspect that made the first Community Service so endearing while also adding a few new skills and concepts he’s learned throughout the years. Listen above.