Dave East & G Herbo • "Do It For"

Pictured together on this year's XXL freshman cover, Harlem's Dave East and our own G Herbo connect for "Do It For", and it doesn't sound they're done yet. From New York to Chicago, this duo does it for the set, the turf, and the block while donning some slick matching letterman's. Produced by Black Metaphor, the tracks eire backdrop sets the perfect tone for Dave and Herb's dope boy tales. 

Dave East and G Herbo trade bars seamlessly on "Do It For", leaving the notion that it would be a shame if we didn't hear more of this match up. It's obvious they're cut from the same cloth. If the intro to this new record is any indication we might see them Dave and Herb flip a couple times before going to Papi with the whole bag. Is that code for "mixtape on the way"? I don't know, but we can be hopeful.