Famous Dex • "My Energy"

Directed by Laka Films

A big factor behind Famous Dex’s rapid rise in recent months has been his unparalleled energy on stage and on record. In his latest video, directed by long-time collaborator Laka Films, Dex is able to once again capture his zest in a short but memorable single entitled “My Energy.” A lively flute synth is set as the perfect backdrop for the Hearbreak Kid to rap his muddled flow, with a cadence that feels like it wants to jump off the wall every time he manages to catch his breathe.

Dancing and wildin’ from room to room is nothing new in a Dex visual, but the genuine vibes emitted with every eccentric move he makes here is what continues to bring people back to his music and style. It goes without saying that Dex is currently in complete control of his career’s trajectory and it seems he’s headed on an upwards direction with more enthralling music on the way.