Banksthegenius • "Wide Awake"

Us fine folks at TheseDays, we've done our damnedest to cover an assortment of material from Chicago rapper/producer/visual artist Banksthegenius. From instrumental EPs to loose singles to premieres, we even caught up with him for a little Q+A back in March. Showing absolutely no signs of losing steam this calendar year, the talented music wiz recently released "Wide Awake", a rather somber and sobering tale of the youthful struggles that come with the territory of residing in Chicago. Friends that have passed, a close one's father who is going through chemotherapy, and an ongoing internal struggle to stay afloat; it all comes to the surface with this single. Along with the track comes the announcement that Banksthegenius is an affiliated artist with one of my favorite websites, Oak Cellar Door (a "Cellar Artist", as they say), so expect much more between the two creative forces, including an upcoming show alongside Trapo and Qari on May 30

Wide awake but still I dream.”
— Banksthegenius