Divino Niño • "Violet Legs"

Last month, Chicago quartet Divino Niño released “Time”, the lead single to their upcoming project The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes. With a release date for May 13, they continue to keep the buzz alive with yet another single: “Violet Legs”. With mixtures of dream pop and psychedelic rock, the content is full of, as they describe, “washed out reverb, dynamic vocal ranges, and lush soundscapes.” The song “Violet Legs” is a fine follow-up to single “Time”, sounding something like a mixture of David Bowie, The Electric Prunes, and a Chicago basement. If you head over to their Bandcamp, you can also enjoy the song “Le Bon Gripper” before you get to hear the full-length next week. With Latin American influence, we even got a few lines in Spanish with the last single "Time". And while there's no Spanish this time around with "Violet Legs", I imagine we will get plenty of Spanglish on their album. "You got to not be fooled by the violet legs."

Following their debut LP Pool Jealousy, The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes is much more relaxed effort. The band recorded it at home, and although most songs hover around two and a half minutes, they’re far from underdeveloped. Filled with rich harmonies and liberal use of eclectic percussion, the songs on this record reflect the band’s most confident and inspired to date.”
— Divino Niño