Sulaiman • "Evident"

Until last week, it has been a while since we've heard from the homie Sulaiman, but he kicked things back off strong with "Still Time" and he continues the momentum with the release of "Evident". A GrindHouse veteran, Sulaiman has plenty of experience working with producer Doc Da Mindbenda and it reflects in the music they make. Sonically "Evident" is a smooth and jazzy smoker's anthem, but Suli battles a righteous vs. ratchet lifestyle throughout and closes out the song with another friendly reminder not to get it twisted. Sulaiman's here now, and he's a threat. We can only hope this pair of new releases is the beginning of an album run, and the music sure seems to point to something on the horizon, but the details are ironically not so evident. Roll up, click play and get over it though, you're going to want to start digesting these rhymes immediately.