Logan Cage • "VIBES"

Directed by J. Krown

On days as amazing as today, it's hard not embrace the good Chicago vibes following a long and dreary winter. The sun comes out and people start to see the positivity in their life a bit more, Logan is no exception. Teaming up with the only producer that's capable of expressing Logan's vibes with musical notes, Flight outdoes himself once more with a flute believe it or not. This duo has been making some of my favorite music over the last couple years, and they're not stopping anytime soon, they're just getting started and getting better with every collaboration. 

A full length follow-up to Logan's debut 1636 should be out sometime this year, but you'll be able to find "Vibes" and more on Logan's upcoming EP The New Wave. No release date for either project yet, but The New Wave is on deck. Vibe out to Logan's new single in the meantime and appreciate the crispy visuals provided by J Krown. There haven't been many nice days in Chicago this spring yet, but Krown and Logan managed to take advantage of one to shoot this new clip.