ShowYouSuck • Bummer

Contrary to what you might expect after reading the title to ShowYouSuck's new project, this 6 track EP is anything but a bummer. For his first project of the year, and sadly his last solo project for a while according to Twitter, Show teams up with producers Walking Shoe and Professor Fox to craft a project that was originally written two years ago during perhaps a trying time in his own life. A self described album about mental health and self doubt, these experimental sounds and raps are sure to reach some fans on more than just a sonic level. 

A gift to those struggling with their inner demons, ShowYouSuck assures listeners that things will get better. After recently announcing his engagement to singer/songwriter Lili K, Show has proven that not everything in life is a bummer, there are some pretty great parts too. This is the last ShowYouSuck solo project we'll hear for a while, but he has announced that he's part of a new group! The details surrounding this group are scarce, but you can catch a preview this Saturday during Do Division fest when Show takes the stage alongside The Hood Internet. He's told us he won't be performing any songs from Bummer, but he will be performing some old fan favorites and some of this new group material. Get excited!

If you missed the new stop animation video by Maxim Northover for the Bummer title track "Daria (Everything Sucks)", make sure to check that out below.