Sterling Hayes • "Antidepressant"

Get lost in Sterling Hayes’ far from sobering mixtape, Antidepressant. It’s a project we’ve been awaiting a minute, arriving in a disorienting blaze of glory. Regardless of the size of his library until now, Sterling Hayes’ has maintained a voice that stands out in the talented SaveMoney Army. His music is dark, zealous, and willing to go way out there. Antidepressant is his first project and he gives it the movie treatment, a cohesive and vivid debut that shows the layer under party music.

The medication in Antidepressant is plentiful, the universe is a nighttime playground and Sterling Hayes is king of the hill. Drug raps are all the rage now but few go this deep into the rabbit hole; Antidepressant is a reminder of good and bad trips going hand in hand. As the name suggests, it’s also an honest voyage into the mind of Sterling Hayes, jacked up, somber and never forgetting how to move in the dark. The production is sharp, very unconventional but always keeping momentum, and on the mic his delivery is wild but precise as his energy is high. Antidepressant is a spun out dive into psyche. It's Sterling's world, and the depth of his music will keep you coming back. Can't wait to see this live.