safeNsound • "Numb"

Directed by Nick Visuals

As far as exciting new local acts go, safeNSound has certainly risen to the top of our list wit ha series of dope releases that continued yesterday with the release of a new video for "Numb". As we peek around the corner of spring into the abyss of summer, the pairing of Ambi Lyrics and L.A. Van Gogh have positioned themselves as some of the more creative, forward thinking duos making music in the Chi or elsewhere.

On "Numb" we get a really dope lo-fi video accompaniment from Nick Visuals to one of the standout tracks on safeNSound's standout debut project, safeNSound Presents L.A. Van Gogh that dropped weeks ago to critical acclaim and really served to thrust both into the forefront of the scene after operating just below the surface, carefully developing and evolving their sound into what we hear here. If you've read any post from me about a video you know that I get real excited at the ethereal and here they wax abstract throughout with a sort of trippy visual that extends the meaning of certain points, underlining others and creating extra understandings of the work as a whole. It's dope, we ran it back a few times, I'm sure you will too.