Lance Skiiiwalker • "Could It Be"

Directed by PANAMÆRA & the little homies

Earlier this week we relayed everything we knew about the recent TDE signee Lance Skiiiwalker. A Chicago native, Lance has achieved national exposure after a cosign from his TDE labelmates and the release of his first single "Speed". During all the commotion a couple weeks back, I kept seeing a strange low quality screen grab of what looked like Lance Skiiiwalker wearing bunny ears. As Lance keeps the internets talking with the release of his video for "Could It Be", the bunny ears make plenty sense now. Well kind of.

Making his first real appearance aside from his cameo in Jay Rock's "90059", Lance makes his debut with a strange love story about a sociopath. Perhaps an odd direction for a video, but that unconventional mentality is a mirror image of the type of music we've heard from Lance Skiiiwalker so far. "Could It Be" produced by O'bonjour & TaeBeast and the previously released "Speed" is indicative of a whole new wave with Lance Skiiiwalker leading the pack. The value of a good vocal performance has risen lately, and we're not mad about it one bit.