Joey Purp • iiiDrops

Kicking off his new mixtape iiiDrops with "Morning Sex" sounds like a good way to start most things, but the project's intro is less about rolling around in the sheets and more of an introduction to the less than glamorous life Joey Purp has led coming up in Chicago. Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending to this story. Overcoming odds and working diligently for years as his friend and acquaintances outgrew Chicago for a global platform, Joey kept his eye on the prize and arguably created on the best projects this year, and the best project in Purp’s career. In fact, this is technically Joey Purp’s first solo tape. I couldn’t believe it when I came to that realization several weeks back, but it’s true! A main fixture in the Save Money army for years, but Purp’s solo material has been few and far between, leaving his largest impact on the music world with the release of Leather Corduroy’s Season in 2014.

As I digest each track while writing this post, it's clear to me that Joey has spent a good amount of time assembling this mixtape and strategizing its release. With contributions from from Chicago favorites Chance The Rapper and Mick Jenkins, to the breakout role of Knox Fortune as executive producer of the project, iiiDrops almost serves as a time capsule memorializing this moment in Chicago music history. I'll refrain from a first listen deep dive into Purp's debut and stop talking now to allow you and myself continue to enjoy the music. For dry, red eyes, get iiiDrops.