Trapo • "She Moved On"

Directed by Cody LaPlant

When we started TheseDays the idea was that we would put the focus solely on Chicago acts, artists that were directly in our periphery and operating more or less in our backyards. Soon after we started getting the posts together and mocking up a logo though we came across Madison, Wisconsin native Trapo and all that changed a bit. While we had the thought to be Midwest-based the whole time, it was really the excitement the then-17-year-old (Trapo just recently became legal) harnessed in his gravelly voice that hooked us and he continues to do so with this latest visual for "She Moved On" off his recent  SHE EP.

Directed by fellow local Cody LaPlant, the visual brings to life the grittier aspects of the young man's lyrics, taking us through a home robbery and confused roundabout journey that aptly reflects the tone of the single itself. Dude is really making moved from the small town of Madison, long known better for it's football and beer than hip-hop music and this one is a very dope furtherance of that movement which has seen hip to of the Spotify charts on several occasions and find audiences far beyond his humble beginnings. Check out the video for yourself, streaming above.