Rich Robbins • "Lemonade 2"

Rich Robbins has some very stern words for his girl’s ex-lover. We all know that love is tough but when is the line crossed? Right about here. Reminiscent of an open letter diss track, much like Drake’s “Back 2 Back”, Robbins somehow manages to threaten someone by “beating their ass” over the world’s smoothest beat.
Produced by constant collaborator Since’93, the instrumental takes note from TLOP and swaps its soulful femme fatal group vocals for a new age two-step synth around the one-minute mark. Although an abrupt change, it does not detract from the song but rather enhances it.
Rich Robbins’ intense lyrics compliment, diction, and voice inflection amplify on a gradual slope as the song continues. This brash yet understandable demeanor works as it paints itself over the mellow background and gives off an atmosphere of simultaneous tranquility and passion.