Famous Dex • "I'm Crazy"

No single act has come on as strong in 2016 as Famous Dex. Between his repetitive but endlessly-catchy singles to his hilarious and eye-catching videos to the fact that he quite literally operates as a real-life cartoon character day-to-day, it'd be easy to look at the dude with the tatted face and think he was absolutely insane, and that's exactly what he wants. Such is the theme for the latest offering from Dex, a video for, appropriately, "I'm Crazy" a single all about his lack of mental longevity. 

While we definitely don't think dude is a literal nut, he plays the part well and it's gone a long way towards building a sort of committed and solid fanbase that has vaulted him to the forefront of the internet's indie hopper. "Oh man goddamn!" try to watch this video without cracking a smile. While he may come from some of the roughest neighborhoods this city has to offer, Dex's music often comes packaged moreso as an escape than a retelling of stories and for that reason it has really manifested itself as something to pay attention to, regardless of lyrical content or storytelling. It's just fun, and that's the bottomline for this visual as well. Check it out for yourself above.