Demetrius G • Saints

Just when Demetrius G starts to fade from my memory, he claps back with a 5 track EP, his first collection of music since 2014's Violet. The emcee also known as Ova East Meech grew up on Chicago's southeast side and his ear was inundated with music at an early age from his parents. The layers you hear in Demetrius' own music is evident that he didn't just pick up music as a hobby overnight. 

While there seems to be some natural talent bestowed upon Demetrius, it's been nearly two years since he introduced his music to more than just family and close friends. Since, Demetrius has peppered his Soundcloud with loose but strong singles, and today he's serving up a healthy dose of what he's been up to lately. With only two guests, our friend MFn Melo of Pivot Gang and Brandon Blanton, the Saints EP is a transparent look into Demetrius' growth as an artists since we last heard from him. There's room to grow, but Demetrius G is moving in a direction with his music that i'm excited to see bloom.