Premiere: L.A. Van Gogh • "Numb Remix"

We talk about waves a lot here at TheseDays. SURF may have just been a title for an album, but with as much music s comes out of Chicago on a regular basis it can also be an analogy for keeping up with what's happening musically in this city. It's with that in mind we teamed up with one act that has been an integral part of the scene throughout 2016 across a pair of projects in the one and only L.A. Van Gogh who returns today with the remix of his single, "Numb".

The beautiful thing about covering the sounds here is that they're rarely the same and we can certainly thank L.A. for part of that. Almost nothing from dude sounds like the last thing we heard and no one on this side of the speakers is at all mad at that. Here, we find L.A. in somewhat comfortable territory as he ruminates on the kind of daily, everyman problems that have become a theme in his music, creating a sort of abstracted reverie over the inspired backing production that continually moves the piece forward throughout. His name might be L.A. but he's certainly from Chicago. Get in tune with dude at the embed above!