Montana of 300 • Fire in the Church

Do you smell that? Fire in the Church is finally here. After countless months of being teased within his music videos, we finally get a full look at the FGE artist’s new tape. Montana of 300 is known for flipping hit songs with his own signature twist, quite often rapidly firing off verses double time and better than the songs original creators.
Releases such as "Panda", "White Iverson", and "Chiraq" were a smart marketing ploy in order to diversify his fan base to those consumers who aren’t particularly keen to the Chicago rap scene. Although those songs were remixes, Fire in the Church contains a slew of original music with production by signature drill aficionados such as Charism808 and A1TayDaProducer. There's also a surprising feature from everyone’s favorite perplexing rapper Kevin Gates on the banger "Goonies".
The 18 track mixtape packs a punch that is sure to rattle the hell out of your car mirrors if played at a decent volume. Montana of 300 has found his niche and excels with fast paced lyrics and an onslaught of witty metaphors which often require a second or third play to catch them all. Better get started now.