Krewella • 'Ammunition'

Three years ago Krewella seemed poised to take over the thriving new market of EDM that had engulfed summer music festivals and millenials brain-power alike with an aggresive style of music that was big on bass and "the drop". With their unique blend of female-centric stylings and progressive backing production the act was fun, fresh and upbeat and their 2013 release Get Wet was an impressive debut that had listeners waiting for more. Alas, it didn't happen as the relationship between Yousef sisters of Jahan and Yasmine Yousef and Kristopher Trindl disintegrated, taking that original arrangement with it.

All things must come back around these days, and so alas we have the long-awaited follow-up to that release in Ammunition. While not quite the same sort of three year wait we dealt with in regard to other Chicago acts, there has bee na sizable following biting at the bit for new Krewella for sime time. The only question here is, has the timeliness persevered? Time will only tell there as this is the girls' first release since their high-profile breakup with Trindl that was a major reason for radio silence the last couple years. Initial listens seem to prove that these two have found a way to move past and progress and from all accounts there is a large team pushing them forward. Time will only tell what becomes of Krewella, get into their newest regardless, streaming below.