Calez (Ft. Jess) • "Baby"

Calez is a name that has been buzzing around the city for some years now and today gets back in the fray with "Baby" which arrives in the wake of his These Days premiered Network Trappin EP. With new blood pumping through his veins and new inspirations afoot, Calez and the self-produced "Baby" beg the question of what's to come both in the emcee's personal and professional life. The jazzy anthem is appropriate for a listen anytime of day, but go ahead and kick your morning off with some positivity by Ceito, and feeling you should be happy to carry around with you all day. Seeing Calez recapture the spark in his relationship with music has been an encouraging observation. The brief hiatus from music did not damage his chances for success, but instead fueled him with a renewed passion that's capable of taking him much further. We know "Baby" is the start of something, but we don't know of what just yet. Stay focused on Calez this summer. He's up to something.