Alex Wiley • "Red Pill"

Closely following The Village crew since it’s inception, it’s clear to see that the Alex Wiley has grown exponentially as an artist and continues to transcend the realm of traditional rap music while still staying true to his roots. Lil Nonchalant continues to push out unconventional yet grandiose music at a leisurely pace. Since his split with Closed Sessions, Wiley has kept his game up with the independently funded album Village Party 2: Heaven Gates and recent features such as "Grown Ass Kid", which was not able to make Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book due to sample clearance issues. His first official drop of 2016, Wiley is back with "Red Pills", a chilling instrumental stamped with Wiley’s signature fun loving rap antics. Obviously a nod to The Matrix’s red pill, which is a possible metaphor for Wiley’s surreal exposure to the world as an artist on the rise.