QUEZ (Ft. Anthony White) • "Indecisive"

Directed by Derek Dow & MarQUEZ Jones

As we all grow, evolve and climb through this thing called life we're faced with decisions. Decisions need answers. Answers aren't always easy to come by, though. That's the message behind the new visual from QUEZ, formerly known to the world as Nick Astro, who arrives here with a new name, new visual and what appears to be a new attitude that looks to carry him forward into 2016 with some well-chosen assistance from Anthony White.

As Nick Astro, dude has been a regular in and around the city since coming up alongside acts like Legit, Daryn Alexus and more while crafting a unique and well-curated style of visual rendering that has paced his releases to date. You always know you'll get something interesting with a Nick Astro, QUEZ offering. Here, we get a rumination on the idea of decision-making. In today's contemporary culture we find ourselves with a litany of feelings and perceived fulfillment quite literally at our fingertips. The problem with that kind of unbridled access to information and feels is that it can result in no moves at all, a paralysis of opportunity that ultimately manifests itself as apathy in the face of movement. Whether you call him Nick Astro, QUEZ or whatever else, you can't deny dude's ability to tell a story on several levels. He does it once again here on the lead offering from his latest project, Nothing Is Original.