Joey Purp (Ft. Chance The Rapper) • "Girls @"

So, you might have heard about this collective of teenagers from Chicago named SaveMoney who started rapping back in high school. Since growing up and taking on the world those kids have grown into fully-realized artists challenging the world at large for hip-hop supremacy and May is the battleground. It's with that in mind that Joey Purp teases his upcoming iiiDrops release with a new single, "Girls" featuring none other than Chance The Rapper fresh off his Coloring Books release.

Seriously though, if this project hits this month alongside Chano and a couple others we've been hearing rumors about, it might literally spell a long-awaited changing of the guard. Center to that movement is the forward-thinking music that has been brewing here for some time. Sure enough, we find a pair of well-known and familiar names on the production side of this one as Peter CottonTale lends a hand to this Knox Fortune backing that is endlessly dope from start to finish. For his part, Knox continues to prove that he's a name to keep an eye on after his standout chorus on "All Night". As for Joey? Dude has bars, scratch that. Dude has had bars. Purp's been a hometown secret for far too long and his ascendance to the national scene is one we're all going to watch with a smile on our collective faces. If you don't know already, get in tune with, "Girls" and stay on your toes for iiiDrops by picking up tickets to Joey's upcoming Metro show.