Monster Mike • "YU Pt3"

Like an eclipse or a blue moon, Monster Mike makes a surprise appearance with a quick verse about the dangers of being in love. There's nothing more real than a Monster Mike rhyme. The 197 affiliate keeps it simple and transparent, drifting in an out of the music world as waves of inspiration come his way. Monster Mike dropped Known As Lil Sleezy a few months back and flooded the internet with freestyles before that, but has since been ghost. 

Monster Mike's syrupy flow spewing his Xanax fueled perspective can take a little longer to deliver, but we hope today's "YU Pt3" is the beginning of another run for Mike. The Linus produced track is led by an extended instrumental, the reversed samples setting the foundation for Mike's tale of heartbreak. Drugs may be a problem for some, but most everyone can relate to the pain being in love can cause. Experience the rise and fall of Monster Mike and co-star Ewa Alina in the new Jose Franco directed video, then go tell Mike we want more from him this summer.