ZMoney • "MO"

Shot by Phil Jordan of SAMCIN

ZMoney and his posse took to the abandoned Damen silos with some four wheelers and dirt bikes and went wild for the new track “MO”. The video, perhaps because of the production and the style (and, obviously, the four wheelers), is reminiscent of the Noisey Chiraq episode where Chief Keef creates dirt paths all over his suburban mansion (before being evicted). This video is only two minutes in length, but it presents plenty of promise for ZMoney, who has slowly but surely been making moves in 2016 since being out of the pen. The track comes produced by Haz Futcha, was shot by Phil Jordan, and comes presented by SAMCIN. I'm not sure if this will fall on an upcoming mixtape or what, but until we know further, welcome to “MO”. 

I’m just grindin’
if the feds try to find me.”
— ZMoney