Homme • "Bully Clouds" (Live)

There's no better way to experience music than in a live setting. While we've come a long way with technology over the years, streaming and bluetooth hold little to feeling and seeing a song performed the way it was meant to be. Sadly, live videos often fall short of mimicking this experience and as such, often fall short of post-able. That is not the case with Homme's new live video of them performing their single "Bully Clouds" in New Orleans last month. 

Shot by Adrienne Thomas, also known as Nosferatune, who has been producing some really great work around the city for some time and joined the pair on tour, the video is a great peek into the kind of raw energy and ability Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart bring to the table. I'll admit, having not caught a show in a minute I had somewhat forgotten how brash and eye-opening this pair's set can be before catching them in February at a show at Soho House. The ladies can rock, y'all, use this as a reason to buy a ticket in town for their show May 21 at The Hideout!