Premiere • Marvelous x MFN Melo: "Legend"

Chicago's west side has long been a purveyor of a particular brand of hip-hop and that trend has continued into what we like to call 'the new wave' as artists like Sicko Mobb, PIVOT Gang and more add their own spice to the already full-flavored sound that operates just left of downtown. Playing off that in a sense, TheseDays favorites Marvelous and MFN Melo team up for a new one, "Legend" that gets its first breath of public air here at TheseDays.

This one has a decidedly bouncy feel that comes packaged from BanksTheGenius who himself has been making noise for a minute now. Talking to Marvelous for a few minutes it's obvious dude's ambitions are larger than most and here he underlines that sentiment, chanting "I wanna go down as a legend, tell the world that I'm special". It's an understood statement for an act named Marvelous and here he proves the evolution since we first got in tune at the tail end of last year, his delivery tiptoeing between something like Trapo with the flow of Chris Crack that is wholly himself with the ability to jump off in different directions at a moment's notice. Here Melo and Marv seem to capture the hook feel of tracks from the likes of Famous Dex, etc with a more soulful, patient aesthetic that is easily digestable. Melo is a consistent, something hard to come by in today's fledgling environment where a quick win is better than a sustained streak. Dude continues to be a favorite and impresses once again here.

We caught up with Marvelous to get a little more insight into what he has coming and the song itself, check that out below.

Marvelous • The concept is at the end of the day through this rap shit I'm trying to go down as a legend. That's the end goal for me. 

Marvelous • The collaboration came about cause Melo is my homie and i always wanted to do a song with him, we been wanting to work on some shit together. I showed him this song and he was rocking with it and we went crazy lol .. 

Marvelous • I have an ep dropping in June In Due Time. It's a very well put together project, I've been working on since December.