Iris Temple • "Overgrown"

Chicago (by way of Kansas City) duo Iris Temple (made up of vocalist/producer Quinn Cochran and vocalist Aura) have been stepping further and further into the spotlight as of late. Since including them in our Home Team column at the top of February, the two talents were featured on the acclaimed and innovate track “Random Love” with Appleby and producer Elias Abid, off of their EP Down Dance. The four artists remain close friends and were featured in our May cover story. Along with Iris Temple work (they recently played their first live show at Empty Bottle), member Aura made his way on our Tokens compilation and was featured on track "Winds" with Kansas City producer Squibs.

With their newest track, “Overgrown”, the first proper Iris Temple release of 2016, Cochran heightens the production, turning the energy up a level (or two). Aura soothes and flows hallucinatory stories over the layered instrumental before Cochran joins him in dreamland, singing, “Sleepless nights, you're lurking through my fantasy.

The instrumental breakdown with this one. The everything with this one. Damn.

The rodents scurry cause the city isn’t there’s.
Did anybody pay the piper?
How many seconds on the timer?”
— Aura