Black Matt • "Phone"

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Black Matt is one of the nicest emcees Chicago has to offer. No, he's not Save Money and he has no affiliation with the drill scene. If you had to attribute him to a rap crew, he would claim allegiance to the now defunct (well sort of) LOD. Matt and his friends Chandler London, #100Trill, ShowYouSuck and others have always been some of my favorite performers. Bringing energy and charisma to everything he does, Matt's passion for the music is obvious, but has unfortunately gone unrecognized for the most part. Matt has no interest in becoming the next big thing, not if that requires he change up his process at least. Black Matt is good at showing face now and again just to get some things off his chest. 

In his latest release "Phone", Black Matt talks being married to the hustle over production from frequent collaborator and Cool Neighbors partner RMB Justize. Justize has been plenty busy lately as a producer for Wiz Khalifa and the Taylor Gang, but it's his work with Black Matt that first caught my attention. The years of creative collaboration these two have shared continues with this first look at Black Matt's upcoming project Merch. It's been a while since Matt has dropped any type of collection of new music, and if "Phone" is any indication, he's been using that time wisely.