Sulaiman • "Money"

Okay, this makes three drops in as many weeks, Suli is definitely in a creative mood. Hopefully the inspiration leads the Treated Crew affiliate to his first project in nearly two years. While Sulaiman has been spending time away from the music, or at least not releasing any, he certainly hasn't lost his touch. His reoccurring theme these past couple releases has been that Sulaiman is still a problem on the mic, proving himself on "Still Time" and "Evident".

In Suli's new release "Money" the emcee is just that, going for broke over a self produced instrumental. Suli doesn't follow the latest trends when it comes to making his music, he keeps it simple and always lyrical, breaking ankles with his rhymes. Still nothing about his plans for the future, but Suli's stepping up to the plate and that can only mean more good things on the way.