XVRHLDY • "Green Thumbs"

Almost six months ago to the day, XVRHLDY (Xavier Holliday) debuted his last solo track "Bleeding Tree" produced by Shepard Hues. X took a hiatus for a while, popping out with a feature verse here and there, but today he and Shepard are back at it with "Green Thumbs". With a new LP in the works, something tells me we'll be hearing plenty from Xavier in the forthcoming weeks, but lets get started with his most recent offering. 

An anthem for the hustler, "Green Thumbs" has one goal in mind. On the pursuit of the mighty dollar, Xavier uses his experiences as fuel for this new single. It's unclear if this will be on his next project, but we do know the tape will drop this side of summer and will carry a common theme accompanied by a visual component. Xavier is always reaching for what's next, and I'd be surprised if he doesn't surprise us with this next LP. Always teetering on the brink of a musical breakthrough, "Green Thumbs" has us hopeful for what's to come.