Saba • "100"

It's beginning to warm up in Chicago between the bursts of snow from winter's past and it appears those around the city working on the musical side of things are following suit. A week that saw him make an appearance opposite Chance The Rapper in the pair's video for "Angels", the west side's own, Saba, continues the brisk jog toward a hopeful 2016 collection with another single, "100" that debuted this week as part of local composer Ira Antelis' Gone But Not project due out later this month. 

It appears Antelis is gunning for a sort of preamble to the summer as his upcoming opus is rumored to include the likes of Joey Purp, Rockie Fresh, Sterling Haze: essentially a todo list of artists about to blow from the 'Go or those who recently have. Here, we get an impressive piece from Sabs who does his thing over a gentle, building production from LPZ that'll take you in a different direction than you may have anticipated hitting the play button. If this is a new direction for the ComfortZone MC, we're definitely feeling it. It didn't seem like dude could find more ways to tinker with his delivery but he proves it possible here.