Mathien • "Knoxviluminati" & "Fiction Smashes Reality"

We've been getting behind on the weekly releases from Mathien and had to take a little bit of a cheat code on his latest two singles which came amidst a lot of releases and news in recent weeks. Regardless, Chris continues to prove his immense worth as a singer-songwriter willing to dive off into a plethora of sounds and feels at a moment's notice. Seriously though, dude can really operate in a lot of different areas and here we get a confluence of many of those on "Knoxviluminati" and "Fiction Smashes Reality". 

"Knoxvilliminati" is a nod to Mathien's prolonged stay down south and operates sonically as a sort of multi-instrumental production piece, completely sans-vocals and heavy on alternating drum patterns stretched over frolicking guitar lines and soul-searching organ chords. Clocking in at just under an hour, it'll certainly keep your attention and certainly finds Mathien continuing to explore new territory. "Fiction Smashes Reality" is meanwhile similarly as entrenched in the experimental side of things, with a few vocal intonations scattered throughout. We'll have to wait until next week to see where things evolve from here.