Famous Dex • "I'm Great"

As we move further into 2016 there's perhaps no more compelling storyline to emerge from relative left field than the hyper-speed ascension of the city's own Famous Dex who returns with yet another single in "I'm Great" with Carl Phresh. While usually not a fan of bumper-to-bumper drops, Dex has been lighting the city up with an impressive string of releases that have increasingly built on a unique and engaging sound and aesthetic that has vaulted him to the forefront of things in Chicago and beyond.

Last night, that growth became somewhat more palpable as Dex took the Chicago Theater stage to perform as part of Power92's 15th Anniversary show and the slot was fitting for an act that has captured attention in a way not seen since Keef was shirtless with a Handycam. As animated in his features and general disposition as he comes off in his singles, this one once again finds Dex leaning heavy on his signature 'yeeeah' while continuing to prove he can make just about anything catchy in an instant. He's somehow taken ad-libs into a whole new direction, contorting the reverbed vocals into a sort of cascading mountain he lyrically surfs down with reckless abandon. Dude's won me over, listen to him flex on "I'm Great".