Premiere • Malcolm London: "Going Places" (Ft. Logan & Dally Auston)

If you haven't noticed by now, Chicago has been systematically asserting it's grip over the music at large. That grip tightens this week as a contingent of the city’s top up and coming talent team up for a posse cut, “Going Places”. The single from activist/artist/poet/rapper and TheseDays December cover story subject Malcolm London places him alongside fellow SaveMoney members Dally Auston and Eric B on production for this mile-a-minute ride.

The driving force behind the local scene’s rise to international prominence as of late has been heavily due to the new wave’s ability to reach beyond cliques and city lines to create great art and they continue to do so here, teaming up with Feo Mob’s Logan who offers up a blistering verse to lead off the track. EB continues to step out as well, linking up with longtime friends and frequent collaborators in London and Auston for a piece that continues to build on a resume that got a marked boost from his work on SURF. Meanwhile, we continue to get teasers from London's upcoming debut.

Somewhat akin to a Chicago version of “Fuckin’ Problems”, this single offers a perfect peek into who’s up next from the ‘Go, a sentiment that is underlined by the general idea of the song’s title. Chicago’s going places, SaveMoney’s going places, Feo Mob’s going places. You coming?

We caught up with producer Eric Butler, who got a break from the studio to answer some questions on the new release and what's to come.

TheseDays • What was the process like getting all of you together for this one?

EB • We were in at Classick studio working on Malcolm and I's project and invited Logan and Dally to come thru and listen to what we had been working on and asked them to get on a record for the project and we ended up making going places. Happened so organically. We were at SXSW together and decided we should make some new shit when we all get back to the city & thats exactly what we did.

TheseDays • How does this speak to the connectedness of Chicago's scene?

EB • I think it shows a lot, knowing about how segregated chicago is , knowing artists from north, west and south sides (very different in style) ,  could come together and make something as cohesive. Music scene in chicago is thriving right now. 

TheseDays • What is the message of the song to you?

EB • I think the message is pretty self explanatory. Not being complacent. Not getting  stuck in the now. But always setting goals and looking for more that we can do for ourselves and our city.

TheseDays • What should the people be looking out for moving forward?

EB • In the near future look out for Dally Auston's Sophomore tape Roses. Logan Cage is also working diligently on his sophomore album, currently untitled & I've been working very closely with Malcolm on his debut project coming to you later this year.