Round Up • New Releases From Canis Major, Demetrius G, Famous Dex & More

Photo by Michael Salisbury

Each week the These Days staff comes across great music from Chicago artists that we could not provide individual features for. In an effort to keep our readers up to date with more of our recent favorites, the Round Up segment provides quick summaries and additional noteworthy content. Check out our latest picks below and feel free to submit a comment if you feel we missed something. 

Canis Major (Ft. IshDARR) • "Two Flights"

Canis Major is a producer whose beats reside in the stars and constellations. IshDARR is one of the many talented voices coming out of Milwaukee's bustling rap scene at the moment. Together on "Two Flights", it's a match made in music heaven. The beat flies low and easy, with IshDARR taking his major flow to the Canadian producer's creation. This is definitely a combo we'll want to see more of, and in the meantime you can check out Canis Major's recent 'Kahlo EP'.

Demetrius G (Ft. MFn Melo) • "Can't Go"

Demetrius G. drops the first single from his upcoming EP, Saints. "Can’t Go" serves as a solid first offering which features Pivot gang’s very own MFnMelo and beautiful vocals by Ciana McMillian. The aggressive vocals over a mellow track produced by TheBLVRDS balance out into a delightful eargasm.

Famous Dex • "Lost in the Sea"

Every week feels like Christmas when you wake up to a brand new Famous Dex visual. "Lost In The Sea" is nothing less than Dexellent as he dances the streets of Hollywood. Time will tell how many copycats might follow the Famous Dex aesthetic as he has perfected his own signature essence. Catch Dex live at alongside Lil Uzi Vert and others at the Metro on April 28th.

L.A. VanGogh • "feels: exhibit J"

Although Drake has dropped two singles, “One Dance” and “Pop Style”, earlier today, there’s no such thing as too much Drake. Chicago's L.A. VanGogh drops a cover of "Good Ones Go", which debuted as an interlude on the stellar Take Care album from 2011. L.A. VanGogh's version is called "feels: exhibit J" and serves as an appetizer while we wait on his self titled project which is slated to drop April 14th.

Ric Wilson • "The Sun Was Out"

Ric Wilson's title track off his mixtape, "The Sun Was Out" finally got the bright visual it needs over Easter. Ric Wilson is one of the most exciting rappers to be making moves in Chicago right now, excelling at both his songwriting and live performances, on top of significant contributions in the Chicago activist movement. Ric Wilson's music covers all sorts of mood, and "The Sun Was Out" falls right in "feel-good". It's hype and happy over 90 seconds, with the film shot on as a gorgeous a day you can imagine. See the light, watch the video. 

Sasha Go Hard • "Respect"

Sasha Go Hard and APJ Films release "Respect", the second song to get the visual treatment from her recently released album, The Realest I Know. Sasha Go Hard really is deserving of the name, as this track is nothing less than Herculean. Show some respect and hit play below.