Premiere • Chandy: "T-REX"

Artwork by Chris Orta

Artwork by Chris Orta

Chandy aka Chando aka Chandler London aka Robo Chando. You should know the name of this veteran Chicago rapper by now. Most recently, he has been surfing smoothly as part of the Beach Jesus quartet and since the members are spending the spring season focusing on solo material, Chandy decided to launch the loose single “T-REX”. Originally intended as part of a scrapped EP of T. Rex samples from last year, all produced by Noah Neville, this song was deemed good enough to be released from the vault, to not stay locked up, gathering dust forever. With this new track comes the announcement of Chandy's upcoming EP (see interview below), which we will get to hear later this month. Enjoy the new single, peep the quick Q+A below, and be sure to check out Chandy tonight at Emporium, performing alongside ShowYouSuck and Supa Bwe, as well as Chandy tomorrow night at Emporium as part of Beach Jesus, performing with Via Rosa, Drea Smith, BoatHouse, Milo, and more. 

TheseDays: What's the background on "T-REX"?

Chandy: "T-REX" originally was an EP that I made with my friend/producer Noah Neville. It was like a five song project that we had been working on but never put out. This song was our favorite of the five and it meant too much to us to not put out. This song is like my "Juicy". I love it a lot.

TheseDays: What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Chandy: If everything goes according to plan, I'm releasing my solo EP Ultrafragola on my birthday April 29th of this month. =) I've been putting a lot of work into it and I'm excited af. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. And then we have the Beach Jesus album coming.

TheseDays: What's the story behind the artwork?

Chandy: The artwork was done by Chris Orta and it's actually the first piece we ever collabed on. I told him to do whatever he wanted but to include a T-Rex [laughs]. He killed it naturally. Orta the G.O.A.T.

TheseDays: What can we expect to hear at the show tonight?

Chandy: Man, tonight is going to be weird. Fun but weird. I want to start from the beginning and take it to where I'm currently at now and to where I'm going with my sound.

TheseDays: Any final words/thoughts/shout outs? 

Chandy: SHOUTS TO MY BEACH. Jaro, Jom, Seer, and Ben. They've been super supportive of me and contributive so much to my growth as an artist. This EP wouldn't be possible without them. Those are my dogs man. Shouts to Noah he's a real one. Took us awhile but we finally did it G. Shouts to my Jug Fam. Shouts to everyone who has followed and supported Chandler London, to Chando, to Chandy to whatever I decide to call myself next [laughs] Ultrafragola April 29th. Love y'all.