John Walt (Ft. Trapo) • "Podium"

Pivot rapper John Walt has teamed up with the Madison maelstrom known as Trapo for "Podium", a track that vibes in a very big way. The Pivot Gang movement has been busy recently, with drops from Saba and MfN Melo to join Mr. Walt, and "Podium" is a very worthy companion to that set of strong releases. While they may not be the most known crew nationally, the respect they hold among hip-hop fans in Chicago stems from an unflinching commitment to creativity in their music, and "Podium" lives up to this standard. 

The track will bring you back to dark anthems of the 1990's, specifically the unique style of West-side Chicago. With quick rapping from John Walt that delays each word before vaulting to the next, an ominous hook courtesy of Trapo, and last but not least, some eerie production from Pivot rapper Joseph Chilliams, it's a modern look at where this city's music has come from. If you haven't been listening to John Walt or Pivot recently, you need to switch directions and reverse course immediately. If he keeps it up, John Walt will be giving victory speeches sooner rather than later.