Chief Keef • "Respect"

If there's a method to Chief Keef's madness I'm not sure what it is. The Chicago native turned L.A. resident litters the internet each week with a handful of new music. Most of the time it's unclear if Keef intends to release the music, or it's leaked by others associated with his camp. In any event, there's no shortage of new songs from the Drill pioneer. For me, Chief Keef's releases are hit or miss. Most fly under the radar, but there's an occasional hit you just can't sleep on. Teaming up with one of Atlanta's brightest talents, Chief Keef and producer Sonny Digital demand respect in Keef's most recent wake up call. While the single is paired with some Dedication artwork, we can't confirm if this single will make the rumored tape, or if the rumored tape even exists. Like many of Keef's past releases, we likely won't know much about what's next for Sosa until it happens.