Caleb James (Ft. Katie Got Bandz) • "Straight From The Bottom"

Directed by Ralph Laureen

Within the last month or so, we've started to see Save Money's Caleb James begin to creep back into the spotlight after being inspired to make some new music. Once a "next up" candidate right along side Chance and Vic Mensa, Caleb James has since dropped off the grid almost entirely after moving out to LA. Thankfully, there's still movement in the Caleb James camp as he's released a video for his single "Straight From The Bottom". The original version of the song was released as a loose track by James back in November of 2015, but the remix featuring Katie Got Bandz showed up on Katie's Drillary Clinton 3 less than a month later. Director Ralph Laureen catches up with Caleb and Katie in Chicago to capture this come up story on film.