Famous Dex • "Amazing" & "My Spot"

It may not be everyday, but Famous Dex drops more new music than anybody out right now. A similar feel to Chief Keef and the Glo Gang, but with Dex I've yet to be disappointed. The frequency of Famous Dex releases hasn't diluted the music, not yet at least. Adding two more singles to the mix, Dex previews his upcoming Heartbreak mixtape with the release of "Amazing" and "My Spot".

While "My Spot" is a sound that we've become accustom to hearing from Famous Dex, "Amazing" takes a whole new approach, and one I wouldn't mind hearing more of. It's no turn up anthem, and I doubt you'll hear it live anytime soon, but its smooth stripped down nature is nice change of pace for Dex. If you've been keeping track, you'll know that these are the third and fourth singles that we've heard from that tape, and Dex has also been teasing new music from OhhMannGoddDamm 2 & Drippy 2. With plenty new music on the way and all eyes on his movement, Dex is positioned to have a huge year.