Premiere • OnGaud: "Sounds Like [BANG]"(Ft. Ace Da Vinci)

Beat trio OnGaud keeps good company by making good music. The group produces for some of of the most exciting names in Chicago hip-hop, including Mick Jenkins, Supa Bwe, Pivot Gang, SaveMoney, and the list goes on. They also flex their entrepreneurial muscles on the side with studio work as "OnGaud Productions" where they mix, record and master. OnGaud is comprised of three artists, and while they found each other at a brief hiatus last year while taking a crack at solo careers, they've caught themselves being drawn back together once again, returning to that place of undeniable group dynamic.

Their music has a cold and organic feel to it, Chicago through and through. The beats are paradoxes, sparse but energetic, hollow but full, distant but in your face. How could one group's music simultaneously combine all these conflicting elements with such ease? It results in products you can listen to at any juncture of your day or mood. This week they’ve teamed up with the innovative student run record label at Columbia College, AEMMP, for a collaborative release with Ace Da Vinci, “Sounds Like [BANG]”. Production wise, OnGaud brings the beat far from the title, contrasting the flash of violence (the track starts with the ominous refrain "Don't die...") with a contemplative wave of somber musical hypnotism. It's a little more casual than most of their music, a wake-up track if there ever was one and a perfect fit for Ace Da Vinci's care-free flow. The laid-back trappings of the track belie its inevitable sense of movement.

The news doesn't stop there; the reason we are premiering "Sounds Like [BANG]" is to get Chicago ready for next week, when we premiere OnGaud's new EP Compliments Of The Chef, which "Sounds Like [BANG]" is the lead single for. Featuring rappers such as Dally Auston and Kweku Collins, you can expect a project with vocal variety and some clean-ass production. And as we all know, cleanliness is next to Gaudliness. Peep "Sounds Like [BANG]", and if you want to learn more about OnGaud you can check out our brief Q+A below.

For the uninitiated, what is OnGaud? 

OnGaud is a production collective made up of three members: Quinton “SolarFive” Cole, Billy Stevenson, and Brian Montgomery.

How did the collaboration with AEMMP affect the process of creating of "Sounds like [BANG]"?

Originally, working with AEMMP was a lot harder than expected, mainly because we are used to working on our own schedule and kept the relationship between artist and producer. After a while, it was a great thing to have outside input on the project.

What can you tell us about your intent behind the production on "Sounds Like [BANG]"?

With "Sounds Like, Bang" we wanted to put together something hard while remaining subtle. We really drew from our signature sound, while bringing new influences into our work. We really wanted to pay homage to the growth of hip-hop and the progression of our career.

We're very excited about next week's premiere, Compliments Of The Chef  - what can OnGaud fans expect?

Compliments Of The Chef  is a project for the unsung heros behind the music- producers. The main goal is to serve up some killer tracks and leaving listeners feeling full and satisfied. 

Shout outs to OnGaud, Ace Da Vinci, and Columbia College's AEMMP! Come back May 5th for the premiere of Compliments Of The Chef.