St. Millie • Adderall + Q&A

Adderall is known as the working man's cocaine, the perceived super-drug mimicked in that Bradley Cooper movie and consumed by many a college student dealing with midterms and finals. It can also be handy when trying to put tick marks next to your to-do list, and Chicago's own St. Millie did just that yesterday by dropping his latest full-length, appropriately titled Adderall. The project arrives as the latest in a long line of collections that date back several years and follows on the heels of his much-vaunted Glory drop last year. Millie has been a huge part of the scene for a minute now and we decided to catch up with dude between studio sessions and days at Jugrnaut to get more on the release and get a feel for what's next from one of the city's most consistent acts to date.

These Days: Adderall is quite different than your past work, can you talk to us a bit about the evolution your music has taken over the last couple years?

St. Millie: Adderall is different sonically because I focused on having fun. I started the concept while on tour with Lil Dicky and Sicko Mobb last year. I wanted to make fun music so that even if you wasn't familiar with me and my brand, you could still party and vibe with me. I wanted more bass & melodies in the music. I wanted Adderall to set a certain mood and change the energy in the room, so I locked myself in the studio and just worked non stop every chance I got .   

TD: You worked with some big name producers on this project, would you say having access to that type of elite production caused you to elevate your game?

SM: Yea I had to come wit it, but differently than just trying to write dope verses. I wanted to have big hooks, so I focused on having the energy that matched these big hooks I was creating. It was a blessing I came out of it all a better artist.

TD: Between the "Oak Street Anthem" intro and the multitude of OakStreetMedia production credits it's obvious that means something special to you, could you let us in on the significance? 

SM: Oak Street is a reputation of a life style I want to live. The song "Oak Street" is me dreaming about pushing the nicest car I can have, the best clothes I can own, getting to all my goals and just really living on a elevated level mentally and financially.  So many people focus on the negative Chicago they forget about how beautiful our city is, how elite we are in every walk of life. Oak Street is our 5th Avenue, it's our Rodeo Drive, it's where we all secretly want to be, at least in Chicago.