Gino Marley • Six Summers Ago

Gino Marley…that’s a name we haven’t heard in a long time. While his buzz may be lacking and his music miles from the current cutting edge or trends, damned if Gino Marley didn’t always show up with street raps ranging from good to fantastic. He’s finally dropped his Six Summers Ago project after a year plus hiatus, and you better believe we’re posting it. This is a mixtape that may seem less than innovative at first, but is actually very strong once the project gets moving. If you were ever a fan of the Marley, a stoic, money-counting counterpart to the manic Fredo Santana, Six Summers Ago is where you want to be.

Less internet-gregarious than the rest of his GBE / SSR cohorts, Gino Marley had issues finding his niche, not the pretty boy, not the wild one, not the life of the party. He was the quiet businessman, but in the IG-age that can be hard to market. His raps were always slower, more serious, and with a downplayed lyricism that he never got credit for.  On top of that, he possessed a unique flow; stuttered, gruff and with a conveyed wisdom telling you that Marley would come out on top. Six Summers Ago taps into all the plus sides of his music that were hard to sell but great to listen to, pivoting away from chant-raps towards story telling. Party music is great, but Gino is offering something real here, and it's much appreciated. 

Fredo Santana is the only feature on the project; fingers crossed for a return to more collabs between the two rappers, which they have always killed together.