Adot • "Paradise"

New music from Adot is always welcome around these digital parts. After dropping the dark track number "Black" about a month ago, Adot switches it up with the new single "Paradise". While the producer is unknown, the song is very sample-driven, a loop found somewhere in the tropics. This sounds like something that Curren$y might rhyme over. Coming in nice contrast with his last few releases, "Paradise" a nice switch-up for the talented wordsmith, one that shows his eclectic range. Maybe this beat was chosen because the sun is finally out in Chicago and Adot is ready to put the top down on the convertible.

If you need more from Adot, I recommend starting from the beginning and watching the music video for "Circles". After that, get caught up in 2016 and listen to the track "Goon", which dropped earlier this year, and which came complete with production work from frequent collaborator Darui.