greenSLLIME (Ft. Mick Jenkins) • "Zoo"

Many may know greenSLLIME as the DJ behind Mick Jenkins' successful and lengthy tour runs this past year. Mick, SLLIME, theMIND and the rest of the crew started as support for Kirk Knight in February of 2015 and went on to co-headline a U.S. tour alongside STWO, then headline their own tour in Europe all in the same year. The creative chemistry between Mick and SLLIME started long before either achieved any type of notoriety, and we hope that's always the case.

He DJs, he produces, and dammit SLLIME can rap too! He's put out a couple records over the years, but it's very few and far between and this dark yet honest take on Chicago alongside his family Mick Jenkins is a pleasant surprise to say the very least. SLLIME crafts the dismal backdrop as well, setting an ominous tone for he and Mick to exchange stories of the south side over. It appears to be a one off bomb from this duo, but Mick did just announce he wrapped "The Healing Component" up, so hopefully we'll hear more from these two soon.