Chandy • "SMURF"

Earlier this month, Chandy (of Beach Jesus) premiered his single “TREX” with us. The release came with a Q+A that announced his EP, Ultrafragola, dropping on his birthday on April 29. That day is three days away and acting as a lead single/teaser to his EP, Chandy decided to release the song “SMURF”. The song comes produced by Walkingshoe, who was all over our Tokens compilation as well as having produced for Towkio, ShowYouSuck, and others. With Chandy and Walkingshoe together, the song is not your typical Chicago hip-hop piece. Instead, it enters closer into the indie experimental realm, dabbling with surf rock. Juttin from 1833 compared it to Primus, while I find myself comparing it to Heart's “Barracuda”. Either way, this is a wild one for the books, with original instrumentation from Walkingshoe and some great lines from Chandy. He even revitalizes Susie. Look out for Ultrafragola on Friday, which will feature more production from Walkingshoe, as well as some nice guest surprises. Shout out to Churro for the artwork. 

I’ll see you
I’ll see you on the other side
Don’t worry ‘bout me
I’m gonna be all right”
— Chandy